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2008-09-19 20:51:45 by rawlfilms

HEY EVERYONE! Rhys Clarke here.
Im just here to tell you about my new series. its called Blob Stories. Its already Going great. with two episodes already out.

Ep 1- Steve The Pirate

Ep 2- Who's Movie is It?

Watch Them and enjoy.
More episodes are being thought up.


Also, RR-Animation-Studios (Me and Dumassstudios) Are making some more claymations for you people. we have a new one out

How to mummify a Pharaoh!

That was what me and Rob.M Made for a Class Project.


Thats all from me now. But i shall be making new claymations for you all.

----Rhys Clarke. RAWL Films-----

Vote High!!


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